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quality models for Tank and AFV enthusiasts you can depend on

A selection of screenshots 'IN GAME'

T34 vs Tiger Game click HERE
Trainz Game click HERE

Here will be a collection of models, AFV, tanks and vehicles, driveable and as scenery items

for T34 vs Tiger tank simulator
websites:T34 vs Tiger
Trainz Simulator
Steel Fury ATV Simulator

a small selection of the products we offer for download, click on the item to see pages:-

British Tanks (Post 1945)

British Tanks (Pre 1945)

British Tanks (WW I)

US Tanks

Russian Tanks

French Tanks

German Tanks

Italian Tanks

Japanese Tanks

Selection of camoflage colours here

Prices are $5US for detailed fully functional driveable items,
and $3 for lower detail scenery items. Any camouflage colour will be available,
standard green/grey will be supplied if not specified.

NOTE: I limit items displayed to reduce bandwidth costs

Commissions undertaken at VERY reasonable rates
If you see something you like, email me barn700@yahoo.com and I will post pics here you want to view.
All values shown in $US

All images © Paulz Tankz