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B R I T I S H - pre 1939

Here is a selection of available Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Soft Vehicles, please use the code when ordering.

Camo options are here Standard grey/green will be supplied if not specified

Prices are $5 for a of fully functional driveable units, $3 for lower detail scenery items. These prices are for 3 different units (number and/or camouflage).

- to Order, click on the PayPal logo below, and tell me which Number(s)/colour(s) you require -
- My account reference is barn700@yahoo.com delivery upon confirmation from PayPal -
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NOTE: I limit items displayed to reduce bandwidth costs

Commissions undertaken at VERY reasonable rates
If you see something you like, email me barn700@yahoo.com and I will post pics here you want to view.
All values shown in $US

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