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quality models for Tank and AFV enthusiasts you can depend on

Here will be a collection of models, AFV, tanks and vehicles, driveable and as scenery items for various Vehicle and Tank Simulators

a small selection of the products we offer for download, click on the item to see pages:-

British Tanks (Post 1945)

British Tanks (Pre 1945) *** NEW ***

British Tanks (WW I)

US Tanks

NEWS:New items to Paulz Tankz (updated 9 Jan 2009)

Please ensure your email will allow large (2Mb) email receipts or open a GMAIL account. Goods will be dispatched within a few minutes upon confirmation from PayPal if items are not recieved within an hour, please email me directly at barn700@yahoo.com. If you are using FireFox browser then PayPal logo may not work, use this link www.paypal.com

Remember, ALL orders of Vehicle packs include freebies, usually items of same type.

ALL items contain generic defaults that are downloadable (link will be provided) including generic engine specs etc, some items have custom specs where indicated. All ATV's include 'Inside Views'

Orders for more than 1 pack, will be discounted, so email me first at barn700@yahoo.com with your requirements, and I will give you the price of the complete order

Exchange rate is approx $1.5 for 1GBP

ALL items include a full 12 month warranty or guarantee from date of purchase. This includes either Full Money Back, rectification or exchange for similar items. After the 12 month warranty period, a 25% charge will be levied for updates/replacement, including future versions of Software.

Russian Tanks *** NEW ***

French Tanks

German Tanks

Italian Tanks

Japanese Tanks

Selection of camoflage colours here

NOTE: I limit items displayed to reduce bandwidth costs

Commissions undertaken at VERY reasonable rates
If you see something you like, email me barn700@yahoo.com and I will post pics here you want to view.
All values shown in $US

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